Don’t lose your marbles this Thanksgiving


Last week I went to see “Bad Moms 2” with my sisters and mom.  It had the usual humor, which was a bit awkward watching with my mom,  but it also addressed the stress of holidays, especially for moms.

Add the stress of trying to stay healthy during the holidays and we’re all bound to go nuts.

It starts at Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas, most of us make ourselves crazy trying to make the holidays perfect and magical for our families.  I can’t say that I get myself too stressed about decorations or presents, but I do try and make the food perfect.

Over the last few years my family has adjusted the menu to be more plant-based friendly.  We have eliminated dairy and crowded out the meat with beautiful and delicious vegetables and grains.

It’s been slightly amusing to watch the hesitant plant-based eaters gobble up more of the “good stuff” each year.

Of all the holidays Thanksgiving is my favorite, because of the food!  It’s a great time to be creative, especially when adapting old favorites to be healthier.

Take a chance this year, I know “Uncle Bob loves his turkey and sausage stuffing”, but add a few of these delectable plant-based dishes and see how he likes them too.

Don’t talk about how healthy everything is…just feed people the good stuff.

When foods are flavored with all those herbs and spices they’re so delicious no one knows they’re “healthy”.

I’ve adapted some favorite recipes, which you’ll find in the PDF below.  Some are quicker to make than others, but you can rest-assured that they’re healthier for you and your gut.

TotalTrueYou Plant Based Thanksgiving

We don’t have to be perfect, but we can strive to be a little bit healthier and not lose it completely over the holidays.  Plus, you’ll have energy to take a nice walk and enjoy the company of your loved ones.







Who are The Plant Partners?

Taking the First Step

Changing habits is HARD.  Really hard.  But you know what makes it easier?

Taking the first step.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning to run, it was too comfy, and what’s one run going to do anyway in the scheme of things?

However, I do want to lose more weight, break my college 5k record and feel energized for the day.  That certainly won’t happen while I’m hitting snooze.

Why is it so hard sometimes to drag yourself up and to make the change?  We’re intelligent people, we know what’s good for us.

We usually don’t even have trouble making the commitment….buying a new workout outfit, buying a juicer, getting a yoga mat, finding a prayer book, signing up for a class, etc,

Yet some of us have trouble getting started.   And truly, it’s usually because our goal and making that change seems SOOO far away and difficult.

Try taking the first step.  And the subsequent ones will follow as you realize it’s not so hard.   Before you know it you’re almost to your goal of making that change.  Just by concentrating on one step at a time.

Next time you feel discouraged about getting started, remind yourself of:

  1. Why you’re changing or going for a goal, and
  2. The importance of each step you take in that direction.

Planting Your Plant-Based Stake!


The kids asked me the other day: “Mom, aren’t we vegan?”.  I had to think a minute as to how I was going to answer.  Technically no, but kind of yes.

To an 8 and 9 year old that wasn’t going to be a good answer.  When you tell someone you’re plant-based they kind of look at you funny.  But if you say you’re vegan they immediately put you in a box.  The category of no meat, dairy or eggs ever passes your lips or is in the clothes you wear.

We eat plant-based for health reasons, based on lots of research, but we aren’t banned from every having a steak or eggs or a chicken wing.

Remember in geometry when we had to answer those “sometimes, always or never” questions: is a square a rectangle? Yes, ALWAYS; is a rectangle a square? SOMETIMES.

It’s the same concept.  Is someone who’s plant-based a vegan?  SOMETIMES, if they’re less than 100%.  Is someone who’s vegan plant-based?  SOMETIMES, if they eat whole foods and are not a processed vegan.

I came across this article from the HuffPost that explained it pretty well, give it a quick read and maybe it will clear up some confusion.

There’s A Big Difference Between A Plant-Based Diet And A Vegan Diet

A bowl of vegetables picked from the garden.
A bowl of vegetables picked from the garden.