Don’t lose your marbles this Thanksgiving

Last week I went to see “Bad Moms 2” with my sisters and mom.  It had the usual humor, which was a bit awkward watching with my mom,  but it also addressed the stress of holidays, especially for moms.

Add the stress of trying to stay healthy during the holidays and we’re all bound to go nuts.

It starts at Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas, most of us make ourselves crazy trying to make the holidays perfect and magical for our families.  I can’t say that I get myself too stressed about decorations or presents, but I do try and make the food perfect.

Over the last few years my family has adjusted the menu to be more plant-based friendly.  We have eliminated dairy and crowded out the meat with beautiful and delicious vegetables and grains.

It’s been slightly amusing to watch the hesitant plant-based eaters gobble up more of the “good stuff” each year.

Of all the holidays Thanksgiving is my favorite, because of the food!  It’s a great time to be creative, especially when adapting old favorites to be healthier.

Take a chance this year, I know “Uncle Bob loves his turkey and sausage stuffing”, but add a few of these delectable plant-based dishes and see how he likes them too.

Don’t talk about how healthy everything is…just feed people the good stuff.

When foods are flavored with all those herbs and spices they’re so delicious no one knows they’re “healthy”.

I’ve adapted some favorite recipes, which you’ll find in the PDF below.  Some are quicker to make than others, but you can rest-assured that they’re healthier for you and your gut.

TotalTrueYou Plant Based Thanksgiving

We don’t have to be perfect, but we can strive to be a little bit healthier and not lose it completely over the holidays.  Plus, you’ll have energy to take a nice walk and enjoy the company of your loved ones.







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