Planting Your Plant-Based Stake!

The kids asked me the other day: “Mom, aren’t we vegan?”.  I had to think a minute as to how I was going to answer.  Technically no, but kind of yes.

To an 8 and 9 year old that wasn’t going to be a good answer.  When you tell someone you’re plant-based they kind of look at you funny.  But if you say you’re vegan they immediately put you in a box.  The category of no meat, dairy or eggs ever passes your lips or is in the clothes you wear.

We eat plant-based for health reasons, based on lots of research, but we aren’t banned from every having a steak or eggs or a chicken wing.

Remember in geometry when we had to answer those “sometimes, always or never” questions: is a square a rectangle? Yes, ALWAYS; is a rectangle a square? SOMETIMES.

It’s the same concept.  Is someone who’s plant-based a vegan?  SOMETIMES, if they’re less than 100%.  Is someone who’s vegan plant-based?  SOMETIMES, if they eat whole foods and are not a processed vegan.

I came across this article from the HuffPost that explained it pretty well, give it a quick read and maybe it will clear up some confusion.

There’s A Big Difference Between A Plant-Based Diet And A Vegan Diet

A bowl of vegetables picked from the garden.
A bowl of vegetables picked from the garden.

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