Taking the First Step

Changing habits is HARD.  Really hard.  But you know what makes it easier?

Taking the first step.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning to run, it was too comfy, and what’s one run going to do anyway in the scheme of things?

However, I do want to lose more weight, break my college 5k record and feel energized for the day.  That certainly won’t happen while I’m hitting snooze.

Why is it so hard sometimes to drag yourself up and to make the change?  We’re intelligent people, we know what’s good for us.

We usually don’t even have trouble making the commitment….buying a new workout outfit, buying a juicer, getting a yoga mat, finding a prayer book, signing up for a class, etc,

Yet some of us have trouble getting started.   And truly, it’s usually because our goal and making that change seems SOOO far away and difficult.

Try taking the first step.  And the subsequent ones will follow as you realize it’s not so hard.   Before you know it you’re almost to your goal of making that change.  Just by concentrating on one step at a time.

Next time you feel discouraged about getting started, remind yourself of:

  1. Why you’re changing or going for a goal, and
  2. The importance of each step you take in that direction.

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