Who are The Plant Partners?

After having four children, you tend to develop a relationship with the doctor delivering them.  In this case it’s more then a patient-doctor relationship.  We discovered, over a talk while we were both seeing patients in the CCU, that we had much more in common than we thought.

The dots were connected and we realized that we share the same passion for plant-based eating and healthy families.

A few years later we started a community dinner, the Plantluck, to bring together more like-minded families and individuals.  Over the past year we’ve been doing the Plantluck’s we have been working on bringing our passion and knowledge about plant-based nutrition to others.

Recently we attended Plantstock 2017, through Engine 2 and the Esselstyn family, where we met more doctors, nurses, CEO’s and princes who also share our passion.  We are excited that we are not alone.

We can empower our patients and families to care for themselves through they food they eat and the lifestyle habits they establish.

In a few weeks we will start a series of classes to share the science and our passion for healthy eating and living.   Join us to learn more and to explore the world of plant-based eating.

Email us with questions or to sign-up.


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